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Stainless Steel Alloy Pipe/Tube





Product Range


  Stainless steel and nickel alloy pipes and tubes in welded, welded and drawn, hot finished and cold finished manufacture. Tubes can be round, square, rectangular, elliptical, hexagonal or in accordance with clients' drawings.


· Hot finished - OD 32mm to 250mm with wall thickness 3mm to 50mm

· Cold Finished - OD 6mm to 220mm with wall thickness 0.4mm to 40mm

· Welded - OD 6mm up to 610mm with wall thickness 0.4mm up to 20mm

· Finishes - annealed, annealed and pickled, bright annealed, polished






· Pipe - used in chemical plants, petrochemical plants, oil refineries, offshore platforms, gas plants, power generation, pulp and paper plants. Heat Exchanger tubing - used in shell & tube, air coolers, condensers, feedwater heaters






stainless steel
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